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The Future Of eCommerce Is Here, And It's Powered By Teleport Plaque Addresses. Join the Revolution and get ready for what's next.

Don’t miss out on the future of eCommerce! Purchase your own.

Teleport Plaque Address (TPA) today and establish a virtual presence for your business in the Metaverse. Our Partner’s TPAs are tokenized digital assets that provide true digital ownership and increased security in Web3..

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What are Teleport Plaque Addresses?

These are unique and irreplicable addresses a finnest web3 asset that allow businesses to use a six-character code consisting of three letters and three numbers to establish a presence in Web3.

There are 17,576,000 Plaque Addresses available. They act as a Smart Contract between the purchaser and Stage Meta and can be assigned to available land in one of the Worlds.

Once a Plaque is purchased, it can be used for market transactions or assigned to a Land to develop a VR Web3 business on the platform.

Here are some key features of Teleport Plaque Addresses (TPA):

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Exponential Growth

The price will continue to grow exponentially with each sale, reaching up to $100.000 as the price of the last one sold.

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Teleport Plaque Address Exchange

Teleport Plaque Addresses are tradeable assets that can be bought and sold in the blockchain marketplace

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Metaverse Entrepreneurship

Launch Your Business in Your Own Land with Teleport Plaque Addresses.

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Owning Land

As soon as you purchase a TPA, you can use it to claim Land in any of Stage’s available virtual worlds by assigning it to your desired location. This means that your TPA becomes the unique identifier of your virtual land, making it easier for others to find and connect with you in Web3.

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True Digital Ownership

Blockchain technology will ensure that your ownership is secure, transparent, and decentralized. Furthermore, you will be able to rent out your Teleport Plaque to other users, allowing you to earn passive income from your asset.

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Unlock The Million Dollars: How Choosing The Right Name Can Pay Off Big With TPA.

Find the perfect TPA name and turn it into a valuable web3 asset. With just three letters and three numbers, the right name can make a million-dollar difference. Use creativity and strategic thinking to find a memorable, unique, and easy-to-remember name. Start brainstorming and researching popular keywords and phrases in the metaverse today. The right TPA name could be your ticket to a fortune. Don’t wait, unlock your TPA’s potential now!

Frequently Asked Questions

TPA Lead is a Branch Minter Partner that receives Meta Energy with every TPA purchase through our Minter. We share part of this energy in ETH with the buyer. By choosing to buy your TPA from TPA Lead, you not only get a unique and memorable name, but also the possibility to obtain TPAs at a lower price through our loyalty cashback program.

Meta Energy is the backbone of the Metaverse, consisting of four energy orbits: ALPHA, DELTA, LAMBDA, and OMEGA. To activate your Meta Energy, simply hold a plaque in your decentralized wallet after purchasing it.

You can associate your decentralized wallet with your TPA, and then share your TPA with others interested in buying a TPA. All they have to do is input your TPA when prompted during the purchase. This is called “Pinging,” and it sends Meta Energy in ETH to your wallet.

By purchasing your plaques through TPA Lead’s minter, you will receive additional ETH rewards, making it a more profitable option compared to purchasing directly from Stage Meta.

When choosing a TPA, consider factors such as the uniqueness of the name, the availability of desirable characters, and the price. Ultimately, the choice of TPA should be based on a balance between your personal preferences and the use you plan to give your TPA.

There are multiple payment methods available to purchase TPA, including cryptocurrency, debit, or credit card. All TPA purchases are transparently recorded on the blockchain and can be verified on Etherscan, ensuring 100% secure transactions.

There are several reasons why you might want to consider buying TPA now:

Early adoption: As an early adopter, you have the opportunity to be part of the community from the beginning and potentially reap the benefits of being an early adopter in the future.

High availability of unique names: By purchasing TPA now, you will have more availability of a unique and memorable name, which can help you stand out in the crowd.

Potential for appreciation: TPA as a web3 asset has the potential to appreciate over time as Web3 and blockchain technology continue to evolve.

Loyalty cashback program: TPA Lead offers a loyalty cashback program, which allows you to earn cashback on your TPA purchases and ultimately obtain a top web3 asset at a lower cost.

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Trust us, we can help you!

Are you interested in the TPA Lead project and passionate about the world of blockchain, web3, and the metaverse? Do you want to be a part of the future but lack the suficient funds to purchase a Teleport Plaque? We are working to help people like you who want to be a part of this technological revolution. Please reach out to us as we will be launching a campaign to help you obtain the TPA you need.

Note: We will consider the number of interested individuals to carry out this campaign. We count on you! To express your interest, please contact us at with the subject ‘I want to participate in the TPA Lead campaign